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Sharing data from one device to another without the use of cable and USB is not a rocket science today. Zapya application for smart phones and computers to transfer your valuable data from the device to device has done it all.  Yes, Zapya application will allow you to transfer files from android, iPhones, ipads, window phones, Tizen, personal computers and Mac computers in an instant. Zapya app provides high-speed file transfer at no cost. Zapya is super easy to use and supports multiple languages! File transfers have never been simpler!

Zapya For Android
Zapya For Android

Zapya app provides high-speed file transfer at no cost. Zapya is super easy to use and supports multiple languages! File transfers have never been simpler!

Zapya APK For Android 2017

Zapya interface is easy to use and initiative, this application let the file share in seconds. There are different screens for different types of files for image, videos, music and applications; you can choose the appropriate option.

After choosing the screen, you can choose the file you want to send to another device, you can connect to the group you have created. Once the file is received by another device, the user can download the file at a speed of 10 megabytes per second approx.

Zapya app is a local file sharing application that uses the wireless network for sharing or to content to the network. Simply, it uploads files from one device and downloads from another device. Provided both devices have zapya application installed and is connected to the same wireless network. If the follow this instruction, they can share what their wants to share.  Zapya has three master screens Play game, send files and view history. For playing the game, you need to install listed application. You can download that application from any app store other then Google play store so better keep your security system and antivirus updated.

To perform sharing of the file, there is screen named as send file through which user can exchange the files. For sharing one of the devices needs to create a group to which another device can connect to same wireless network. Use can also exchange message along with files and apps. Tapping of any of the feature will give you a pop-up list of the specific option for the selection.

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How to Install Zapya For Android Phones

This app is available in Google play store so you can download it from there without any hassle. If you are not known about how to download and install this app on your android phone we will help you out just follow the below step:

  1. Open the Google play store on your android phone, after that type of search zapya app.
  2. Now once the app is displayed on the screen, tap on the app icon.
  3. Now an install button is visible on the screen. Tap on the icon and proceed to install the app on your android phone.
  4. Now the app will be installed on your phone.
  5. App shortcut will be created on your home screen so that you can access the app easily.
  6. You will be notified one the installation is done; Now you can enjoy sharing your valuable data with your closed ones.


Highlight of Zapya App

  1. Transfer files without a mobile data connection or Wi-Fi connection. Zero data needed to transfer files.
  2. Now you can Share your files from one device to other without cables and USB. Transfer files of any format and size for free across multiple platforms. (Android, iOS, Windows XP/7/8/10, Mac OSX, Windows Phone 8.1 and 10, and The Web)
  3. Zapya can easily backup and transfer files from your old device phone to a new one.
  4. The fastest file transfer application out there, Up to 200 times faster than Bluetooth!
  5. Multiple files of all formats can be sent instantly to a group of friends. You can connect to up to 4 devices simultaneously!
  6. Generate personalized QR Codes and share QR codes! You can scan QR code to quickly join a group to transfer QR codes.
  7. No Internet? No problem. Besides sharing files, you can do text chat and share streaming video/audio with nearby friends!
  8. Control the camera of another connected device to view and take photos remotely. You can make a pair of phones as a spycam or wireless periscope!
  9. English (Default), Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Spanish, Arabic, Thai, Burmese, Indonesian (Bahasa), Italian, Vietnamese, Russian, Persian, and Portuguese.

Zapya APK is a quiet useful app which is good for file transfer with great speed, so, for now, you can say bye bye to Bluetooth.