Zapya vs Shareit vs Xender: Which One You Should Get?

We rely on our mobile phones for every task, be it messaging, listening music or taking pictures. When you take such sweet pictures apparently, you want to share those pictures with your near and dear ones. To make this process, many easy applications are launched in the market for data sharing.  As the technology is becoming prominent now-a-days it is easy to exchange your valuable data from one device to another device. There is some application which gives you access to share your data from one platform to another.

Zapya For Android
Zapya For Android

We have gathered some best application for data sharing which are Zapya, Share it, and Xender.  Find the right application right here right now, and you don’t have to carry you mobile cable everywhere with you.

Comparison between Zapya, SHAREit & Xender

Shariit vs Zapya vs Xender

Have a look at below applications:

  1. Xender is file managing application, which help you to content to another device but in same wireless network. You can also use offline mode to established Wi-Fi hotspot when you don’t have internet connection. You can view all your data including your images, videos, music, documents, apps and other files stored on your device by switching from one tab to another. You can transfer multiple files from your device by dragging and dropping. Xender is free application and works with iOS as well as Android, this APK lets you send files from one device to another. You’ll just need to follow instruction given in on screen  to create a Wi-Fi hotspot and you’re good to go. This method works with a group of up to four devices at once.
  2. Zapya app is a local file sharing application that uses the wireless network for sharing of data within one network. It uploads and downloads files from one device to another device. For this, both devices have to install zapya application and are connected to the same wireless network. By following this instruction, they can share what they want to share. Zapya has three main screens Play game, send files and view history. For playing game, you need to install listed application. To perform sharing of the file, there is screen named as send file through which user can exchange the files. For sharing one of the devices needs to create the group to which another device can connect to same wireless network. Use can also exchange message along with files and apps. Tapping of any of the feature will gives you a pop-up list of the specific option for the selection.
  3. SHAREit is a free and powerful data sharing application which gives you the possibility of transferring different files between two devices at super fast speeds. It does not require the Internet connection for transferring files. You can transfer all kinds of files including videos, music, documents, photos, files, folders, etc. It sends Gigabytes of data without the use of cables and drivers.
    If your two devices are present in a single network that have installed the SHAREit application then both the device can connect automatically. Another good thing about shareit is that it allows transfer of large and heavy files, at forty times faster speeds than the Bluetooth. The application allows added privacy and security, and all the transferred files are stored straight to your devices, not on the cloud. SHAREit is available for operating systems like Android, IOS, MAC and Windows.
    It is not necessary to have Bluetooth in the case of shareit, using SHAREit is better because the speed of the transfer is forty times faster than Bluetooth. It is very handy to operate, so you do not need any wireless connection, and it establishes the connection of devices very quickly and accurately. This feature of shareit saves valuable time, in shareit, there is no need to pair the devices every time you use Bluetooth. As Pairing devices can be stressful sometimes because due to the lack of connection sharing of data can often fail and you have to repeat the same process over and over again. SHAREit is cross-platform, and you can easily transfer files at a very fast speed between smartphones and computers.


Comparisons between Zapya, SHAREit, and Xender

As technology is becoming prominent nowadays, it is the time to say bye-bye to Bluetooth and other file transfer devices like cable, drives, USB. File sharing app use is rising gradually. These apps work for data transfer from one device at much faster speed than Bluetooth or any other device.

We have gathered some information which gives us the comparison between the above file sharing applications.

  1. As far as speed is concerned Zapya has much faster speed as compare to shareit and Xender, Zapya provides 200 times faster speed than the Bluetooth.
  2. Zapya and Shareit support PC on the other hand Xender does not.
  3. SHAREit has some bonus features like remote image streaming & direct access to PC folders, Xender and Zapya do not have the above features.
  4. Zapya application interface is much easier as compare to other two. Zapya has introduced its 4.0 upgrade recently.

All three apps are performing well as far as data sharing is concerned, but we recommend you to use zapya as it scored the highest position among all three.

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